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Jekyll with Github Pages is much more flexible than the
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I am happy about every single visitor who reads my blog.
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Qt knowledge quiz – first release

Some time ago I announced that I am preparing myself for the Qt Essentials Exam. In preparation I create the Qt knowledge quiz, which is a set of my self-invented questions with answers and explanations. After submitting answer, you will receive referral material which describes the topic of question (usually Qt Docs). I emphasize that these questions have nothing to do with real Qt Essentials questions. They can be helpful during the learning time to discover which parts of Qt material are poorly understood though.

At the moment the base contains 25 questions, anyway I am going to develop it constantly. I also welcome any comments, mistakes reports and suggestions.

The webpage itself isn’t very fancy. The main goal of it is to be practical and user friendly.  So if you think that the appearance is austere, you’re right. Maybe in some time I will tune it somehow.

Click here to play Qt knowledge quiz: Qt Quiz.

Stay tuned for new questions!

Useful resources:

  1. Qt Essentials Exam Curriculum 010-002
  2. Qml Book – Qt5 Cadaques
  3. Almost 100 of youtube Qt video tutorials by Brian @VoidRealms Youtube Playlist

Update: already 33 questions in the base!


QtCreator: TODO plugin

TODO plugin is very simple but extremely convenient plugin for QtCreator created by Dmitry Savchenko. It creates additional window of To-do Entries, which is displayed in the panel next to Compile Output. The colourful entries are sorted by type and you can easily navigate through all of them — just click on the entry and you will be moved to the place in the code where the comment appears. It’s great feature for the people who write TODO comments and then browse them by the usual search text function.

The To-do Entries window is divided into two sub-windows: entries in current document and entries in active project. Such division helps the proper work organization.

QtCreator todo plugin

The plugin by default recognizes notes: TODO, BUG, FIXME, NOTE, HACK.

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Qt Exam preparations – time start

At the beginning of the year I’ve set myself a goal to pass the Qt Essentials Exam until the end of 2015. The time went by and the end of the year is coming fast — so it’s the high time to start the preparations. I’ve heard the Essentials Exam is rather easy, anyway it’s always good to be well prepared. During my study I want to collect some fundamentals into a set of questions and answers and create an unofficial web Qt Essentials quiz.

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